Lembata is an island located in the region of Solor archipelago, at the end side of Flores island. Lembata has been one regency of NTT since 1999 with its capital Lewoleba. It has 8 subdistrict . this isle has highly various tourism potentials so that it can be one of future destinations in Nusa Tenggara Timur area. Lembata offers distinctive tourism of nature, culture, and agriculture which differ it with other tourist destinations in Indonesia.

SABUTOBO HOT SPRING, with 4 (four) sources can be drunk freshly, situated among the coolness of tropical forest and cold and clean river. It takes 1 hour from Lewoleba to get Lamalera precisely at Bata and Belame village.
ATAWUWUR WATERFALL. Cool place for Recreation on the mountain range with amazing waterfall. Located 3 km on west part of Boto.
SUBDISTRICT BUYASURI, a white sandy beach with is specific wafes and beautiful places will spoil tourists to stay longer for recreating by sunset. Even you will enjoy surfing on this unstop roller waves at Bean beach. BEANS PARTY RITUAL OF JONTONA, a unique tradition held in Jontona village, lle Ape subdistric that compels men to fast eating beans before beans party ritual being performed in September every year. SGB BUNGSU BEACH IN LEWOLEBA, a beach for recreation that is suitable for swimming, water skiing, sailing and sunbathing. Children’s play-arena and open stage are available here. It’s situated only 2 km from Lewoleba.



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