This region is 1.731,31 km2 in size including 17 isles that spread on sikka north coash. Sikka has tropical climate and temperature between 27 0 – 33 0 c. dry season takes plase from april until October, and rainy season and November until march. Its capital is MAUMERE, an administrative city and trade centre.there is a big harbour at maumere is dropped by regularly by passenger thips,cruise ships,goods ships, and speed boats.

The biggest museum of ntt stands in maumere is museum blikon blewut situatet 10 km from maumere.a part ledalero and ritapiret thatare also the biggest catholic seminaries in this province,biken blewut collects the selective ikat weavings from flores and other island in NTT equipment from the stony period, bones fossil of stegodon that is a kind of mammoth look like elephant which used to live in flores,china’s porcelains,shells, and old weaponts. Enjoy a visit to wuring a fisherman village on central maumere in west part.where staged houses with traditional architecture are built on the tide line of seashone. NITA situated at 12 km from Maumere, is a site of former kingdom and very rich for its historical places,traditional ceremonies, various motifs of ikat weaving and interesting traditional dances that will be performed anytime. WATURIA BEACH , locatet 15 km to the west of maumere, a white sandy beach for swimming and snorkeling .Drive by speed boat to visit PALUE VILLAGE which has megalithic culture with cemetery and ‘altar’ on the rock for offerings.thier life is still influenced by their belief in spirits that fill in this nature. Complete your journey by exploring.

SEA PARK OF MAUMERE BAY, one of the best sea parks in the world as it is rich of colourful fishes, under water atoll and coral reefs. You can follow underwater festival, an event that is regularly held here. PAGA VILLAGE, located 45 km in north-east Maumere, a right place for those who like jogging cause you will reach koka beach to the west, a white sandy beach with its bright rocks. A comfortable place for recreating or refreshing.

NUABARI VILLAGE is an unforgettable moment for tourists to experience many mysterious ceremonies from this place. It is 52 km from Maumere, on the top of a fill and famous for its enchanting megalithic toms. SIKKA VILLAGE located 27 km from Maumere keeps Portugese and Dutch heritage within many aspect of culture, like Bobu : the dance involves Portugese youths who fell in love to one another, performed on Christmas. Motifs of hand-made lkat weaving are made traditionally or modernly there is a big, beautiful and old church of portugese. LELA VILLAGE situated 24 km from Maumere and a place of some old buildings from Dutch period. Lela is a pilgrimage site with the statue of Virgin Mary. A lot of ikat weavings are produced here. For recreating and swimming, there is Bangboler, a beautiful beach.

BOLA AND ITS SURROUNDS. Bola village is in western of south coast, approximately 24 km from Maumere, a big village with a church on the hill. In Doreng, 18 km to the east of Bola, there is a beautiful beach with golden sand very suitable for marine activity. Hokor village, 12 km to the west of Bola is a famous traditional dance, Bebing ferformed to welcome the heroes who return home from the battle. BUKIT DOBO VILLAGE where a bronse miniatur boat from Dongson period, namely Jon Dobo can be found. You can also enjoy bamboo flute orchestra in village surround. HEWOKLOANG AND ITS SURROUNDS is located 8 km from Dobo, a unique village with traditional dances performet timely


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