With Waingapu as ist capital, by now has become the gate of Sumba island. Topogra-phically East Sumba is a hilly region in general. Natural resource that can be developed from this region are fishery, agriculture, forestry, farming and tourism. Visiting East Sumba can be a memorable experience for you since it offers lots of splendid festivals, rituals full of mystic, traditional villages, megalithic tombs, houses with high roof and BEAUTYFUL IKAT WEAVINGS

KUTA BEACH is a white sandy beach situated at londa lima about 12 km from Waingapu. For those who enjoy relaxation, diving or sport can drive to PURU KAMBERA BEACH located at Monde, haharu subdistrict 26 km fromWaingapu. TARIMBANG BEACH is another white sandy beach at Tarimbang village-Tabundung subdistrict located 108 km from Waingapu. This place is suitable for sunbathing, swimming, diving, skiing and surfing. KALALA AND WAIHUNGU BEACHES white sandy beaches promise the distinctive enjoyment for tourists who like surfing, fishing, and admiring the magnificent scenery around these places. It’s about 124 km by car or 4 hours fromWaingapu by speedboat. LAPUTI AND MAIDANG WATERFALL both of these attractions located at Praingkareha village, Tabudung subdistrict, 112 km from Waingapu. There is a sacred lake on the top of the waterfalls where broad ear eels live. They can not be catched or eaten, if not the men who cacth or eat will die. HILUMANU WATERFALL situated at Kananggar, Paberiwai subdistrict 128 km from Waingapu. It has beautiful panorama of nature LAMBANAPU DAM located 8 km from Waingapu, a place for recreation and fishing . East Sumba is also known for ist cultural attraction :
TRADITIONAL HOUSES Traditional house of Sumbanese consists of two parts, one for men and the rest for women. Its high roof is used to keep old things, their houses are surrounded by megalithic cemetery. TRADITIONAL CEREMONIES Sumbanese highly emphasize their life on traditional ceremony of wedding and burial. In these ceremonies, they will sacrifice animals, such as buffaloes, horses, the more animal they kill, the higher status they get. KING’S GRAVEYARD is made of megalithic and situated in front of king’s house PRAIYAWANG VILLAGE is located on the top of a hill at Rende village, Rindiu-malulu subdistrict about 69 km from Waingapu. This traditional sacred village is decorated by several graveyards even among them are 300 years old. This is also a center of ikat weaving handicraft. Ikat Weaving Process can be witnessed at Prailiu, Lambanapu, Mauliru, Pau, and Rende village. Sumbanese’s product of ikat weaving are very familiar for the people abroad since they made it unique not only in patterns but also in original materials they use.



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