South Central Timor or Timor tengah Selatan (TTS) is famous for its cool temperature, hospitality scenery and the fragrance of sandalwood. It has tropical climate with rainy season from December till April and Dry Season from april till December. SOE is the capital of Timor Tengah Selatan has become the transit city of Timor overland jorney.

Natural and Cultural attractions that are able to be experience in TTS are : BEATRIX TREE situated in the middle of Soe. Has been planted since 1936 at the same time with Queen Beatrix’s anniversary. RECREATION PARK OF BUAT is Soe which serves you with bungalows, birds reservation, canteen, various kinds of canopy tree, lopo of relaxation and kid’s toys. OEHALA WATERFALL with beautiful scenery, located 1 km to the north of Soe.

OELBUBUK AND AJAOBAKI is a plantation area and King Oematan’s palace with their heritages situated at Ajaobaki. FATUNAUSUN AND FATUMNASI will present you remarkable panorama and prehistoric rocks shapen like a stupa. There are bungalows here if you want to stay.
NUSA/ TETAF VILLAGES situated 16 km and 22 km to the eastof Soe. These nearby village have two uniqueness. If you like to experience traditional market on Saturday weekly which still run barter system you will come to NUSA. Or experience traditional houses for local people built at Dutch period and witness interesting traditional ceremonies at TETAF.

NIKI-NIKI keeps king Amanuban’s palace with his rich heritage, king’s grave hidden from the World War II. This is also a central home-industry of ikat weaving handicraft. FATUKOPA/OE’VISNENO is a huge rock shaped like drown ship. This rock is very suitable for those who like climbing. OE’VISNENO is a place for rest Where canopy trees grow and water flows from the stones. BOTI AND FATUAT. Boti is a traditional village where most of its inhabitants still believe on animisms. In Boti you can witness cultural attractions since their way of living is still untouch with modernization. The old have long hair and wear cloths. FATUAT is a beach with spectacular waves and colourful granites decorate its seashore. PENKASE AND KOLBANO penkase is one of the highest places for shop over to witness southern sea and the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Kolbano is a famous white sandy beach. There is a Dutch monument built in 1907 as a memory of local people fighting against Dutch port.


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