Beach in AlorAlor is an isle located between Timor and Flores island as “the island of magic” since they believe that something irrational often happens here. Beside this assumption, Alor still keeps admirable places and culture that unable to be found at any other places. The capital of Alor is KALABAHI. Adagae Park is nuts (kenari) forest with remarkable panorama surrounding it.

There is also a hot spring. TAKPALA VILLAGE. Traditional village with its ritual ceremony. MORU is the first place where Moslems staying their religion in Alor. If we travel to the east from this place, we will meet mystic stone formed like a statue. The statue will make motions when we stand far from it but when we move closer to it, it just stands still. We are unable to take picture of this odd statue because it will not succeed. HULANANI, an ancient monument since megalithic period and handwriting of Al-Qur’an are kept here. ALAANG, a place of Moko with 90 cm height as a symbol of wedding gift. MONASELI BEACH, another mystery happens in this well known beach where an Indonesia flag situated that can only be seen from far place, both from the sea and the land. This flag seems stuck on the wall of huge stone but when we get closer to it, there is only the stone, no flag stuck on it. The most beautiful sea garden is able to be enjoyed here when the weather is nice and calm.

PANDAI BEACH, something mysterious once happened on this beach in 1960s, when people tried to remove a tower here from an unknown place. Some ships did not succeed moving the tower although they had made hard efforts. MALI AND MAIMOL BEACH, there is interesting sea garden on Mali beach, nearby the airport and Maimol beach, which is suitable for recreation to local people.





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