Belu is a regency of Nusa Tenggara Timur borders on Republic Democratic of Timor Leste, a country used to be known as Timor Timor. Belu’s capital is ATAMBUA with tropical climate consist of dry season from April till October and rainy season from November till march. Belu also has several distinctive destination of natural and culture attractions that can hold tourists’ visit longer to East Nusa Tenggara.

KOLAM SUSU (THE POND OF MILK) is a natural pond located at the bottom of a hill 45 kilometers from Atambua town and surrounded by fishpond of sea fish. It has become a recreation place for local people.
MAUBESI HASAN BAY natural reservation occupied by bats with one metre of stretching wings; some species of monkeys; lizards and sea birds. It is situated 8 kilometers from the capital of Betun Subdistrict. Make a tour along this bay b
y boat is an unforgettable event that you have ever done.
ATAMBUA has WINATA BATHING SPOT which is a recreation place and traditional cultural ceremonies.
TAKIRIN is a prehistoric site from megalithic periot.
KEWAR is a megalithic village with the Great Backyard called LEO RATO and a flat stone for execution by behead. BOLAN VILLAGE is a traditional village with traditional ceremonies.
LARAN VILLAGE is atraditional village as the centre oy of Liurai maromak Oan’s palace from the kings er


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