This regency has LARANTUKA as its capital that becomes famous and full of people (pilgrims and Chatolics) at Eater Season where HOLLY FRIDAY PROCESSION is taken place. This devotion is a heritage tradition of Por-tuguese. They will bring Virgin Mary Statue (Tuan ma) and Jesus Crist satue (Tuan Ana) along Larantuka city accompa-nied by players and O

Vos Omnes song. There are many special attractions that can be witnessed and enjoyed at this regency. One of them is Art and Cullture Festival held in October at lle Mandiri Hall, Larantuka. You can explore uniqueness of local art and culture of Lamaholot . Another place to be visited is OKA HOT SPRING about 7 km from Larantuka with fascinating panorama and swimming pool. Or if you like beaches you can drive to METING DOENG BEACH for recreating and entertaining yourselves. If you like a write sandy beach you can head for RIANGSUNGE BEACH in Solor where you can swim and sunbathe. RAKE BEACH and OA BEACH are also white sandy beaches that have waves and winds suitable for surfing. DERI BEACH a black sandy beach is an interesting place for those who enjoy diving to explore remarkable sea-park here. You will experience unmemorable SUNSET AT KAWALIWU BEACH 17 km from Larantuka. This beach is also has hot spring aroung it. Enjoy local culture performarmance such as MUDAKAPUTU CULTURE AT ILE MANDIRI subdistrict with culture richness like traditional houses and dances, traditional PROCESS OF IKAT WEAVINGS. RIANG PEDANG CULTURE situated Karawatung village-west Solor is known for traditional ceremony BRAUK which is held in June, ten (10) days after the fullmoon. This ceremony is performed as an expression of thanksgiving of harvest Harubala Cullture held at Bungabali village – lle Boleng subdistrict. Ulumado is a ceremony to feed ancestors.

Waibelen lake or lake of love is located 45 km from Larantuka. It is formed as the result of mountain lle Sedeberawae Kebara’s explosion in 400-500 BC. This lake serves you beautiful panorama. Several historical sites that can be witnessed in Larantuka are Nopin Jaga Written Rock. Found in 1985 at Waibae village, subdistrict of Tanjung Bunga. This site is a writer rock of old Jawa or old Bali (still unsure) alphabets, which is assumed as the heritage of Maha Patih Gajah Mada. it becomes more interesting based on historical fact that Patih Gajah Mada disappeared to eastern part of Indonesia. Besides this, there is also gate from Painhaka beach, namely “Gerbang Mada”. pert Henrriques Port is the heritage of potugese situated at Lahayong, subdistrict of East Solor. It can be reached by speed boat about 1,5 hours from Larantuka. Van Den Berg Tower is a Dutch tower located at Sagu village, subdistrict of Klubagolit. Potugese Port in Adonara built in 18 century and situated at Adonara village, subdistrict of Klubagolit.


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